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Year 3: Action Plan 2018/19

Key priority areas
  • Information and Data Reform
  • Digital Opportunity
  • Technology Reform
  • Capability Uplift
  • 2018
    • September
      • Build a community of practice for ICT project practitioners.


    • October
      • Launch a WOVG developer portal to provide access to data and common micro services produced by government and third party Application Programming Interfaces (APIs); engage using mechanisms such as hackathons and incubators to prototype innovative solutions using open data and APIs.


    • December
      • Embed a 'data discovery' capability to enable VPS personnel to find the data they need.


      • Implement WOVG presence within app stores and code and design repositories.


      • Develop a discussion paper addressing issues and opportunities relating to government's ability to attract and retain ICT talent.


  • 2019
    • March
      • Establish the governance arrangements for the geo-spatially enabled government telecommunications assets register delivered in 2017-18 and develop uniform terms and conditions that would apply to all third party requests to access government's telecommunications related assets.


      • Identify the roll-out schedule for the Finance and HCM ERP solutions delivered in 2017-18.


    • June
      • Review DataVic Access Policy and provide recommendations to strengthen alignment with broader data activities across the Victorian government.


      • Implement the next steps of the Information Sharing and Release Strategy and the Data Exchange Framework delivered 2017-18.


      • Review and make recommendations to improve how data is collected, managed and used as part of legislative and regulatory performance reporting.


      • Develop and commence implementation of a WOVG technology architecture vision, roadmap and governance for family safety technology systems.


      • Implement next steps for Single Digital Presence: pilot a journey across government entities and jurisdictions, increase uptake, prototype analytics and personalization, trial voice interface.


      • Develop additional standards to improve quality, management and security of the Victorian government digital presence.


      • Prototype solutions in areas of digital disruption and digital opportunity to inform future strategic thinking.


      • Increase the number of transaction types available through Service Victoria and the volume of transactions conducted by citizens on the platform.


      • Implement the next steps of the Digital Workplace Strategy delivered in 2017-18.


      • Develop a standard to enable electronic approvals and signatures.


      • Implement the Identity and Access Management Governance Model delivered in 2017-18.


      • Identify and recommend a Workforce Identity and Access Management solution.


      • Develop a standard and update the automated briefing and correspondence governance model to incorporate electronic correspondence.


      • Develop a WOVG governance framework for business support shared services.


      • Commence the implementation of the Human Capital Management ERP solution by the next department or agency.


      • Identify a WOVG platform for procurement and commence implementation with the first department.


      • Develop a Statement of Direction for a WOVG IT Asset Management platform that supports disaster recovery and the management of ICT obsolescence risk.


      • Develop a discussion paper to support the adoption of a common language, common framework and reference architecture for using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML).


      • Identify a candidate for a WOVG enterprise solution and develop a Statement of Direction.


      • Remove key existing single points of failure and migrate currently aging infrastructure with Cenitex onto contemporary platforms that are 'software defined', integrated with the cloud and delivered in partnerships with industry leaders.


      • Launch a VicGov digital workspace or 'desktop as a service' and include this new service in the Cenitex service catalogue for customers.


      • Review and recommend cyber-security enhancements for government's use of Office 365 and the Microsoft cloud environment.


      • Commence implementation of the top six priorities identified in the ICT Capability Uplift Plan.


      • Provide guidance for the governance of WOVG enterprise systems.