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Identity and access management

The government-wide adoption of common policy, standards, guidelines and processes for identity and access management (IdAM), including staff authentication, passwords and credentials, enables the Victorian Government to reduce the risk of inappropriate information release or access.


  • IDAM POL 02 Citizen Identity Management: Where identity credentials are required for external users of Victorian Government online services, agencies will provide use of the Victorian Government federated identity infrastructure as an option for sign-on. The IDAM Policy 02 on Citizen Identity is being reviewed in the context of the Service Victoria. The policy is not expected to change, but the timing of commencement will align with the delivery of that program.
    Download: PDF (424 KB) or DOCX (54 KB)


  • IDAM STD 02-2 Strength of registration: citizens: Departments and agencies must meet the requirements in this standard when registering Victorian Government citizens and organisations for access to Victorian Government networks and information systems. Download: PDF (175 KB) or DOCX (68 KB)

Workforce Statement of Direction (SoD)

  • SOD IDAM 01 – Workforce Identity and Access Management: The Victorian Government Workforce IdAM Statement of Direction defines the vision for a trusted, managed, governed, integrated and compliant IdAM for its workforce. Download: PDF (748 KB) or DOCX (760 KB)
  • SOD IDAM 02 – Workforce Identity and Access Management SoD Implementation Roadmap:   Outlines the implementation approach, roadmap and immediate next steps to progress the Statement of Direction.  Download: PDF (147KB) or DOCX (223KB)

Workforce Current State Report (Vol 1 & 2)

Following VSB approval of the Workforce IdAM Statement of Direction, the current state of departmental IdAM processes and technology was documented and assessed to provide a process and technology baseline and identify key focus areas for consideration by the Workforce IdAM Strategy.

The Current State Reports (Summary and Detail) are available on request as authorised by Enterprise Solutions.  Please email

Workforce Strategy

The Workforce IdAM Strategy, in support of the Statement of Direction, outlines the approach, key initiatives, business processes, technology blueprints and a three-year implementation plan for developing the WOVG IdAM ecosystem that will manage workforce access to Victorian government ICT systems and resources.

The Strategy is available on request as authorised by Enterprise Solutions.  Please email

Workforce and Citizen Governance

The WOVG IdAM Governance Model defines the strategic governance structure required to deliver and sustain a shared WOVG IdAM ecosystem for workforce identities and support consumer identity management across the Victorian government. It is accompanied by a parallel three year implementation plan.

The Governance Model is available on request as authorised by Enterprise Solutions.  Please email