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Enterprise Solutions archive

The content in this archive is provided to assist research and may contain references to activities or policies that have no current application. For further information, please see the archive disclaimer.


Information Management

WoVG Information Management Principles 

The principles in this document support the long-term vision for information management in the Victorian Government. They describe expected behaviours and best practice and provide high-level guidance on how information should be managed. Download: PDF (293 KB) or DOCX (54 KB)


  • IM STD 01 WoVG Information Asset Custodianship (under review). Download: PDF (305 KB) or DOCX (56 KB)
  • IM STD 02 Agency Information Management Governance (under review). Download: PDF (289 KB) or DOCX (53 KB)


  • IM GUIDE 01 Information Management Roles and Responsibilities (under review). Download: PDF (580 KB) or DOCX (127 KB)
  • IM GUIDE 02 Consent-based sharing of personal information between Victorian government agencies. This guideline has been withdrawn by Enterprise Solutions. Please refer to the website of the Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection for the relevant information.


Information security


  • SEC POL 01 Information Security Management Policy. Download: PDF (475 KB) or DOC (140 KB)


  • SEC STD 01 Information Security Management Framework. Download: PDF (1023 KB) or DOC (952 KB)
  • SEC STD 02 Critical Information Infrastructure Risk Management. Download: PDF (420 KB) or DOC (371 KB)
  • SEC STD 03 Information security – Penetration testing. Download: PDF (1579 KB) and DOCX (69 KB)


  • SEC GUIDE 01 ISMF Implementation Guide. Download: PDF (683 KB) or DOC (587 KB)
  • SEC GUIDE 02 Business Impact Levels and Other Criteria. Download: PDF (488 KB) or DOC (137 KB)
  • SEC GUIDE 03 Information security penetration testing. Download: PDF (1691 KB) or DOCX (78 KB)
  • SEC GUIDE 04 Safeguarding information while travelling. Download: PDF (420 KB) or DOC (104 KB)
  • SEC GUIDE 06 Information security cloud computing security considerations. Download: PDF (1665 KB) or DOCX (99 KB)
  • SEC ADV 02 1 IB CII FAQs. Download: PDF (362 KB) or DOC (76 KB)


  • SEC TEMP 01-1 Self Assessment VG Compliance Report Agency Input. Download: PDF (226 KB) or XLS (221 KB)
  • SEC TEMP 01-2 ISMF Implementation Checklist. Download: PDF (274 KB) or DOC (276 KB)
  • SEC TEMP 01-3 Inner Budget ISMF Summary Compliance Report Output. Download: PDF (478 KB) or DOC (166 KB)
  • SEC TEMP 01-4 IB Self Assessment Compliance Summary Report Output. Download: PDF (1852 KB) or XLS (198 KB)
  • SEC TEMP 02-1 IB CII Register Template Agency Input. Download: PDF (1401 KB) or XLS (181 KB)
  • SEC TEMP 02-2 IB CII Health Check Template Agency Input. Download: PDF (547 KB) or DOC (285 KB)
  • SEC TEMP 02-3 IB CII Health Check Report Summary Output. Download: PDF (325 KB) or DOC (272 KB)


Online and mobile


  • WEB STD 01-11: Provides information on: discoverability, content ownership approval and review, legal compliance, privacy, accessibility, consistent user elements, domain names and allocation, information architecture, minimum information provision, web analytics and web management taskforces. Download: PDF (528 KB) or DOC (234 KB)


  • WEB GUIDE 01 About us: Provides advice on implementing an About Us page as required by the Minimum Information Provision standard. Download: PDF (531 KB) or DOC (243 KB)
  • WEB GUIDE 02 Contact us: Provides advice on implementing website contact details as required by the Minimum Information Provision standard. Download: PDF(487 KB) or DOC (198 KB)
  • WEB GUIDE 03 Developing and managing an information architecture: provides advice on designing and documenting an information architecture for a website. Download: PDF (1692 KB) or DOCX (1218 KB)
  • WEB GUIDE 04 Page last updated: Provides advice on implementing a ‘Page Last Updated’ reference as required by the Minimum Information Provision standard. Download: PDF (254 KB) or DOCX (113 KB)
  • WEB GUIDE 05 Print friendly: Provides advice on implementing print friendly web pages as required by the Consistent User Elements standard. Download: PDF(286 KB) or DOCX (114 KB)
  • WEB GUIDE 06 Publications: Provides advice on implementing publications lists as required by the Minimum Information Provision standard. Download: PDF (419 KB) or DOCX (120 KB)
  • WEB GUIDE 07 Managing legal risks online: Provides general advice on identifying and managing legal risks within an online environment. Download: PDF (1008 KB) or DOCX (179 KB)
  • WEB GUIDE 09 Understanding the WCAG – Text alternatives: Explains the intent and practical implementation of Guideline 1.1: text alternatives for non-text content. Download: PDF (446 KB) or DOCX (729 KB)
  • OM GUIDE 10 Government mobile applications: Helps Victorian Government agencies decide when to pursue the development of public-facing mobile applications. It may also help agencies assess the readiness of their environment for mobile development. Download: PDF (599 KB) or DOCX (128 KB)

Templates and other resources

  • WEB TEMP 02 Information architecture plan. Download: XLS (462 KB)
  • WEB TOR 01 WMT Terms of Reference (WoVG supporting resources: template for agency use). Download: PDF (442 KB) or DOCX (108 KB)