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Information management

Access Enterprise Solutions’ frameworks, principles, standards and guidelines for Information Management.

Digital Workplace

The Victorian Government recognises the need to transform the way it works internally by transitioning to a fully digital workplace and reforming its digital information management. Digital Workplace Study The Digital Workplace Study assesses the government’s readiness to meet future digital workplace needs, describes a target digital workplace experience and calls out opportunities to adapt […]

Australian Government Interoperability Framework (AGIF)

The Australian Government Interoperability Framework addresses the information, business process and technical dimensions of interoperability. It sets the principles, standards and methodologies that support the delivery of integrated and seamless services. Interoperability describes the ability to work together to deliver services in a seamless, uniform and efficient manner across multiple organisations and information technology systems. […]

Shared Services Governance & Assurance

On 30 June 2015, the Department of Premier & Cabinet published the Business Support Services Strategic Review. The review discusses the preservation of CenITex as the Victorian Government IT provider, its new governance framework and other business support shared services. Visit the Department of Premier & Cabinet’s website to read the full review Resources The […]

ICT projects

Are you running a Victorian Government project that incorporates ICT? Access resources that aim to help you improve your project outcomes.

ICT Governance Education Program

Enrol in a practical, tailored course that focuses on managing risk as a project sponsor or project board member.

Information security

The Government-wide adoption of common policy, standards, guidelines and processes for information security, including data classification and management, enables the Victorian Government to reduce the risk of inappropriate information release or access. How to report an incident Urgent and operational government ICT security enquiries Report a cyber security incident Phone 1300 CYBER1 (1300 292 371) […]

Victoria Appoints First Chief Information Security Officer

The Victorian Government has appointed its first Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), confirming its commitment to protecting government services and information from cyber-attacks. On 9 October 2017, the Special Minister of State Gavin Jennings announced that Mr John O’Driscoll had been appointed to the role. Mr O’Driscoll has 20 year’s experience in information technology, with […]

Identity and access management

The government-wide adoption of common policy, standards, guidelines and processes for identity and access management (IDAM), including staff authentication, passwords and credentials, enables the Victorian Government to reduce the risk of inappropriate information release or access. Policy IDAM POL 01 Identity and Access Management: this policy has been withdrawn by Enterprise Solutions. Please refer to the Victorian […]