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Information management

Information management is the way in which an organisation plans, identifies, creates, receives, collects, organises, governs, secures, uses, controls, disseminates, exchanges, maintains, preserves and disposes of its information. It is also the means through which the organisation ensures that the value of that information is identified and exploited.

For the DataVic Access Policy and associated standards, please visit the DataVic website.


Information Management Framework

The Information Management Framework provides a high-level view of the Victorian Government’s information management landscape and a shared direction for government and agency information management practice.

Download:  Word (888 KB) or PDF (550 KB)


WoVG Information Management Principles (under review)

The principles in this document support the long-term vision for information management in the Victorian Government. They describe expected behaviours and best practice and provide high-level guidance on how information should be managed.
Download: Word (54 KB) or PDF (293 KB)


IM STD 01 WoVG Information Asset Custodianship (under review)

Significant information assets must be registered and assigned an accountable custodian in accordance with the requirements set out in this standard.
Download: Word (56 KB) or PDF (305 KB)

IM STD 02 Agency Information Management Governance (under review)

Agencies must establish and maintain an Information Management Governance Committee (IMGC) to lead, monitor and report on information management activities in in accordance with the requirements set out in this standard.
Download: Word (53 KB) or PDF (289 KB)


IM GUIDE 01 Information Management Roles and Responsibilities (under review)

Provides advice for information management governance and custodianship responsibilities, including metadata profile.

Download: Word (127 KB) or PDF (580 KB)

IM GUIDE 02 Consent-based sharing of personal information between Victorian government agencies

This guideline has been withdrawn by Enterprise Solutions. Please refer to the website of the Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection for the relevant information.

IM GUIDE 03 Information Management Glossary

This document provides a glossary of terms relating to Information Management (IM).

Download: Word (125 KB) or PDF (353 KB)

IM GUIDE 04 Office 365 and Records Management

Provides advice for ensuring records management compliance when implementing Office 365.

Download: Word (137 KB) or PDF (202 KB)

Other resources

Information Management Maturity Measurement Tool (IM3)

To assess the level of development of Information Management (IM) strategies and practices in an organisation. It has been developed by PROV to assist government staff to negotiate the complex requirements of today’s IM environment.
Link: Tool available on the PROV website

Master Data Approach

The government recognises the need for consistent master data sets relating to, for example, customers, suppliers, citizens, employees, services and financial accounts. Focusing on master data will provide the government with core data which is governed, maintained and shared across multiple systems and business processes.

Download:  Word (67 KB) or PDF (109 KB)